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How to install your Decall.ca wall mural?

Before you begin:

Do not apply on vinyl or textured walls. Only apply on a flat, smooth and clean surface.

For walls, we advise applying a coat of primer and a coat of paint to avoid possible residue or peel paint upon removal. Ideal paints are white or light color with a semi-gloss or gloss finish. If the surface has been freshly painted, please wait 30 days for the paint to fully cure. Bubbles can occur if the paint is still outgassing.

Installation is recommended no longer than four weeks after receipt. 

Do NOT use water, soap or chemicals to clean your wall mural!


What you might need:

  • A trimming tool (Xacto knife).
  • A pencil.
  • A short ladder or step stool.
  • A dry cloth.
  • A measuring tape.


Proper preparation of your wall is critical!
Repair any visible defects, smooth out bumps and patch holes to ensure your wall is smooth and flat.
If possible, remove all picture hooks, light fixtures and switch plates.
A perfectly clean wall will help the adhesive backing to keep its stickiness if repositioning is required.


We recommend two people to install your wall mural.

Unroll all panels and lay them flat on the floor, the printed side facing the ceiling.
You may notice creases and/or bubbles as you unroll the panels. No worries, this is normal.
The creases will disappear once the mural is flattened on the wall.

Measure and mark your preferred mural position on the wall.


Remember that the success of the installation will depend on properly placing the first panel.

Peel the backing a few inches down away from the top of the mural.

Apply the back of the mural to the wall and press it down.
Peel the backing down off the mural, a few inches at a time, while smoothing it on the wall. We recommend having another person hold the bottom of the panel as you work your way down.

If wrinkles appear, avoid force to get them out. Instead, rub gently to the edges of the mural. If the wrinkles will not move or dissipate, peel the mural back up and reapply. 

STEP 4: ADDITIONAL PANELS (Only for Multi-Paneled Wall Murals)

Start by aligning Panel 2 to Panel 1. Simply stick the panel against the edge of the first one,
by matching the pattern of the mural.
Follow STEP 3 above to apply the rest of Panel 2.
Repeat the same process to apply all additional panels.


Slowly and gently pull the panels from the wall. Use your hand to gradually hold back the wall mural during this process.
To avoid any damage to your wall while removing, keep the wall mural as flat and parallel to the wall as possible.
We highly recommend to keep the backing liner (wax paper), so you can re-apply the wall mural to it. It will protect the adhesive from losing its stickiness and allow you to re-use your wall mural.