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3D World Soccer Ball Wall Stickers - Wall-Stickers - Decall.ca
  • SKU: DWS1006

3D World Soccer Ball Wall Stickers

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Combo A: You will receive 1 big ball wall sticker which measures 20 inches in diameter.

Combo B: You will receive 4 medium ball wall stickers, and each ball is 10 inches in diameter.

Combo C: You will receive 9 small ball wall stickers, and each ball is 6.5 inches in diameter.

Combo D: You will receive 9 ball wall stickers. 1 big ball (20"), 2 medium balls (10") and 6 small balls (6.5").


Easy to apply, just peel and stick, our reusable fabric wall decals will instantly transform a room.

Highly durable! Stick to virtually any surfaces. Will not tear or wrinkle.

Printed on our Peel & Stick repositionable fabric paper.

Decall fabric wall stickers can be removed and reused on a clean surface over 100 times without leaving a residue and without loss of adhesion. They entirely will not damage your walls!

Our material is Class A, or 1 fire rated, non-toxic, eco-friendly, green, phthalates free and contain no dangerous PVCs. Highest quality decal media on the market.

Can be placed indoors or outdoors as it is weather resistant. (Indoors: more than 10 years) (Outdoors: up to 2 years)